Lying together
Speaking honestly,
Lighthearted joking,
You headbutted me.

This is for my goldfish
In case you ever forget
Just how much I love you
And I'll never regret.

Memories and feelings in every post
Things that we've done (or should/will do)
Illustrations and interpretations
Of everything/anything you or we related


Before and After

Safe and sound,
Peaceful and calm,
Love can abound
Without qualm. 

Can I stay here?
I never want to leave.
Dissolving my fear
Inspiring me to believe

That I’ve finally found
A love I can keep.

But alas, about ten more weeks came around
And now all you can do is weep.

For, as always, as you should have remembered you knew from the start,
This was only a temporary experiment
There was always going to be a time to part
And you would be left to lament.

But it was worth it, you know.
This love that you feel and choose to hold on to
You’ve watched it grow
And stay strong and healthy within you.

And maybe you’ll be allowed to continue to feel this way.
His words have planted a hope of you two having a someday.